For eighteen years I have been traveling Africa; an obsession that started innocently back in

2001.  Africa got into my blood from day one and I simply must return for a dose of African medicine as often as possible.

After seventeen trips through twelve Africa...

I was in Satara Camp, a fenced camp in the Kruger National Park; my hut number 179 was right at the fence.  As dusk slipped in predators began to patrol the outside fence boundary seeking handouts from rule breaking guests.  Inside the fence tourists patrol, torch in h...

I've never been afraid of snakes.  In fact, every Saturday for three years I volunteered at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Atlanta, Georgia a wonderful place that specializes in the rehabilitation of birds of prey and reptiles; housing the non-releasables.  I had a...

Last night a friend asked me what the nights were like in Africa. It is yet the best question I have been asked about my favorite travel destination.

Nights in the so called civilized world can be scary because the human predators come out. Turn on morning news of any m...

Recent acquaintances often ask me, “Why Africa”.  And those who know of my trips more intimately ask, “Why Kruger National Park”.  I also hear quite frequently, “Don’t you want to see other places”.

These are good questions and all have very solid answers.  I’ll an...

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Soap Opera of the African Night

May 14, 2017

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