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In 2001, Dana went on a three-week safari through South Africa. Seven weeks after she returned to the States, she sold her house, car, and most of her belongings then departed again for Africa; this time for an undetermined amount of time. The fingers of Africa began to wrap tightly around her during her first visit in a grip Africa maintains on Dana still today, many years after she first set foot on Africa's soil. She has now traveled thirteen African countries, spending hundreds of nights on the continent and has written three books on the subject.

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Dana's Books - Synopsis and Reviews

Domestic Departures

A Midlife Crisis Safari


What do you do when you realize the life you've spent seventeen years creating isn't the life you want? An intense and serendipitous relationship spurs a workaholic professional to confront this very question as she approaches the mirror age of forty. The answer author Dana Atkinson finds leads her on a surprising journey into herself, and into the heard of a continent of which she has only dreamed. What she finds is a self she has never met, and a home she has never known.

Five stars -  A Refreshing perspective,

By  Jen


Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Domestic Departures - A Midlife Crisis Safari (Kindle Edition)

I started reading this book based off a recommendation from a friend whom I admire greatly. She thought I would enjoy this book and would learn a lot from it. I read the title I wasn't quite sure what this person meant by reading this book. Midlife crisis? Boy was I wrong

This story not only teaches you about the importance of our happiness but it also introduce me to the wonderful continent of Africa

Africa has always been a wild and at times dangerous territory in my eyes . This book has taught me the beauties and wonders that laid within her countries.

This book not only taught me lessons I thought I didn't need to know but also makes me excited in the hopes of someday that I too can go to Africa.

Traveling Africa

A Woman's Guide


Through My Mother's Eyes

Non-Fiction Guide Book

"Traveling Africa" is a book that should be read in its entirety prior to reading the guide book on the specific location in Africa for which you choose to travel. The more prepared you are for your trip and the more you know about the options available for your expedition, the better the odds of booking an amazing journey without the minor or major headaches so many African travelers go through. This book is focused on woman traveling Africa, but will also benefit men heading to the continent and will help all choose the perfect safari especially suited to meet their needs, desires and tolerance levels. You will learn everything you need to know from what to pack – or not to pack – to how to calculate needed funds.


Kyra was born in the States but, from birth, was destined to end up in Africa. She questioned that fate and walked a different path until a dramatic event allowed her to reconsider the feasibility of such a drastic move. With her life on the corrected course, the continent of Africa showed Kyra what true happiness was; the shared passions of an African born man showed her what true love was, but her own strength and determination – the same strength and determination that took her to Africa in the first place - is what kept her going when everything fell apart.


Five Stars - Pure Pleasure!


By Jackie Weger


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase


An utterly captivating story from first to last page. The descriptions of Africa are so nuanced, you expect to lift your eyes from the book and actually see the elephants, birds, and all the wildlife in its splendor. It's a love story. Be ready for it.


Five Stars - So far one of my favorite guide books


By Jesse Vital


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase


I'm planning a trip to Kenya/Rwanda in Dec 2014. I'm traveling with my husband, but bought this to read up on things maybe I should know as a female visiting Africa. I absolutely LOVED this read. I am encouraging my husband to read it as well. There is information for a female audience, but 90% of this information would be applicable to either sex. The anecdotes about wildlife, especially the monkey, had me laughing out loud. I feel much more informed about how I would behave in multiple animal encounters. Also, this book contains a detailed itinerary for anyone looking to create a self-guided tour through Kruger National Park. - Penny

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