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In 2001, Dana Atkinson went on a three week safari through South Africa. Seven weeks after she returned to the States, she sold her house, car, and most of her belongings then departed again for Africa; this time for an undetermined amount of time. The fingers of Africa began to wrap tightly around her during her first visit in a grip Africa maintains on Dana still today, many years after she first set foot on Africa's soil. She has now traveled thirteen African countries, spending hundreds of nights on the continent.

Her first book "Domestic Departures, A Midlife Crisis Safari" tells of her solo move to Africa; how it came to be and what she learned from this amazing place. Dana's second book, "Traveling Africa, A Woman's Guide" gives the reader practical advise to travel Africa safely and have their own life changing trip. The book covers everything from how to decide what trip is right for you to how to properly pack for that trip and everything you need to know in-between.

"Africa, Through My Mother's Eyes" is her third book on the subject and although this one is fiction, most locations are real and through her narrative she will take you on an amazing African journey to see the land through her character's eyes as they weave their way through life.


After her home was destroyed by a hurricane in 2018 with her in it, she moved far away from hurricanes and tornadoes.  She now lives in Tucson, Arizona with her dog, Poppy.  Instead of leopards, warthogs and jackal, she is among coyotes, bobcats, and javelinas as her new property is next to a national park.

Dana is working on another fiction book.  Stay tuned.

Dana And Sweet Poppy.jpg

Dana with her little dog Poppy.

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