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Back at camp after a great night drive I started a fire and put my leftovers on the outdoor stove for warming. After dinner, I poured myself a glass of Amarula and stood on the corner of the deck that overlooks the bushveld.

I'm regularly asked why I come back to Africa so often. I come here for the feelings I feel right now.

As I stand on my deck, I hear hyena; I hear a male impala snorting - it's the rutting season. I hear elephant; they don't make a noise walking on their high healed fat pads, but they break things along their path as only elephants do.

I look up at the sky and see so many stars that are so bright and clear it feels like I can reach up and grab a few as souvenirs of this brilliant evening.

The peacefulness and serenity are palpable. The clarity of mind profound.

Everything is different here, even my breathing because I want to take it all in; mind, body and spirit so I breath deep to take in all Africa has to offer me.

She often brings tears to my eyes; the best tears I've ever cried.

That's why I come back. That is why I am here. That's why I will return.

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